About Us

March 2020 changed the world forever. As the pandemic struck every institution and industry was impacted across the world. Direct Learning Solutions was born.


Why Direct Learning Solutions Started

March of 2020 changed the world forever. As the pandemic struck every institution and industry was impacted across the world. Schools and businesses closed their doors, sending students and employees home. Parents had to learn to juggle the new work from home environment while navigating their children’s virtual learning. Most parents figured out to survive, converting the dining room into a classroom and learning how to teach their elementary aged student on the fly. But as the summer came, and it was determined schools would not reopen on-time and a whole new, more structured virtual learning classroom would be implemented, “just-surviving” was not an option anymore. And Direct Learning Solutions was born.

Direct Learning Solutions formed as two friends recognized that parents could not manage the new-norm school and work from home OR EVEN go to their offices. DLS’ founders know the future is our youth, and they can only be as impactful as community citizens if they have the educational foundation to think critically, creatively, and collaboratively. The current environment is not conducive to this. Direct Learning Solutions is designed to maximize the virtual learning experience for its families and offer a solution.

Our People

Meet Our Team

Sam Anderson
CEO & Co-founder

Samuel Anderson has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 10 years.  Working with a number of brands and co-founding/developing several brands of his own. Previously having a career in the mental health field working with families, he has seen first hand the need for quality education. Currently he is the co-owner of Synapse and founder of Enso Media Firm.

Hezekiah Butler
COO & Co-founder

After 15 years in public education, Hez moved into the entrepreneurial world launching two new businesses, including Direct Learning Solutions with Sam.  After a full spring of attempting to work from home and facilitate his daughter’s virtual learning, he knew that when Sam came to him with the idea of DLS it was going to be a huge help to so many families. Hez comes from a family of educators, including his mother who spent 30+ years as a special education teacher.  He knows the future of our society hinges on the education children receive today.  Hez resides in Chesterfield with his wife Kelsey, and their two kids Charlotte-Kate (7) and Macon (3).  He is a Randolph-Macon College alum (05) graduating with a B.A. in History and a minor in Education.  He also sits on the Board of Directors for Mentor VA.  His mantra is Expectations Drive Performance.

Where we are

Direct Learning Solutions is currently in Virginia.

DLS is servicing Richmond, Charlottesville and surrounding areas, with places in the Pennisula coming soon.

  • Richmond and the surrounding counties.
  • Charlottesville and the surrounding counties.
  • Expanding to the Peninsula soon!